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Nathan G.

"Britani has been fantastic support while in person and away.  I travel extensively for work and with her speedy communication and constant app updates I don’t miss a workout. If I get stuck with a bad hotel gym, she is there to offer suggestions and point me to content in her app that I can use to stay on track. She really cares about results for her clients and gives you back whatever you are willing to put in. This is by far the best training experience I have had, and it beats all the celebrity apps with a real person behind it all invested in your success."  

Lisa B.

"I started working with Britani in January 2024. Before that point, I never had an actual personal trainer and either did CrossFit in a group or tried to get through my own workouts. That meant I didn’t know exactly what it would look like. Now, after four months of working with Britani, I can say it was the best decision ever. Britani always had an answer to my questions or issues. She found a solution if there was a workout or movement I didn’t like or felt comfortable doing. Our main way of communication is the new app she implemented not too long ago. I’m a big fan of that app overall. I can log all my workouts and extra movements for the day, change my schedule if I need to, see how much weight I used the previous week, and so much more. Because the app is so detailed and filled with tons of videos and tips, we never had in-person coaching. There was only one time when Britani noticed some potential for a technique adjustment during a conversation with me, and we had an in-person session for that. That session was incredibly helpful. I can also totally see that we could have handled the issue by filming myself and her analyzing the video. That’s how good and efficient her system is. If I ever have a problem or find a bug in the app, she fixes it immediately. It also gives me peace of mind to know that wherever I move, I can stay on her team and get her support. Thank you so much, Britani!"

Amy B.

"Your gym/workout location can be ANYWHERE with the Bodies by Britani app!  Traveling at least one week out of the month means I rely on the app to ensure I am meeting my fitness goals.  I can track my daily habits and steps, monitor my sleep and eating with its connectivity to other applications, and get feedback on form and workout questions.  Most importantly, whether I am at home or in a hotel, my training routine is at my fingertips.  I can do a session of my personalized plan or decide to use one of the on-demand workouts available.  Behind the technology is Britani – a wonderful trainer who understands that fitness encompasses the whole body. She is always a text message away to answer questions and provide encouragement to her clients!  Using her app daily has been the key to consistent workouts and measurable results."
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