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Frequently Asked Questions

Believe it or not, you're not the first person to go through this process! Being confused or even just curious is completely normal, and any and all questions are encouraged.  From diet modifications, to struggles with website navigation, here are some responses to my most frequently asked questions.

General Questions:

"How do I get started?"

 - Pick your plan on the Plans and Prices page. Once you’ve subscribed to your plan, you will receive an email from EverFit to set up the app. Follow the instructions and log in once downloaded. Britani will finish getting you set up once you’ve logged into the app.

"How do I cancel?"

 - You can cancel at any time, just send Britani a message to cancel.

"What is the expected response time to hear back from Britani once I’ve sent a message?"

-Britani will respond to your message as quickly as possible, but please keep in mind that she doesn’t check her phone while she is in training sessions. Please expect a delay if your message is sent Monday- Friday 5am-6pm or on Sundays.

"How quickly can I expect to see results?"

-Well that depends on how dedicated you are to your plan and how well rounded it is. 

For best results in the shortest (while still being healthy) time, choose the Fitness and Meal Plan Program. Results and result times vary, but Britani will have all of the information needed to keep you on track for your goals in a safe and effective timeframe.

"Where do I find the Weekly Check-In Form?"

-The Weekly Check-In Form is found under your tasks for the week on your main page.

Still can't find it? You most likely have multiple tasks to complete before it shows up on the top of the list. If you go through all of your Tasks and still can't find the form, message Britani and she will get it taken care of.

Nutrition Coaching Questions:

"Do you offer meal plans for dietary restrictions? Vegan, Celiacs…"

-Yes, all meal plans are customized for each individual and can leave out or add in ingredients of choice. Britani will have you fill out the BodiesByBritani Initial Questionnaire to get all of the info to create the right meal plan.

"Can I change up how I cook the meals?"

-Yes, bust out your Air Fryer, sauté your veggies… the world is your oyster- just be careful with your cooking oils.

"Can I make my meals in bulk?"

-Yes and meals can be frozen as well if preferred.

"How to I weigh rice?"

 - Cook your rice and weigh afterwards.

Fitness Coaching Questions:

"How do I rearrange my workouts for the week?"

-On the bottom panel, click on "Coaching", and then click anywhere on the training calendar. Then on the top right-hand corner there are 2 arrows that form a box, click there and then drag your workouts to whichever day you prefer. Then hit the back arrow and click on "Today" to get back to your main screen with your reordered workout plan.

If you need the routines rearranged permanently, send Britani a message.

"What is RPE?"

-RPE is the Rate of Perceived Exertion. This is a scale is to rate how difficult the exercise 1-10 (1 being easy and 10 being the most difficult and you cannot perform any more repetitions. 

If you have completed the suggested rep ranges and the RPE is 5 or less, its time to increase your weights and/or repetitions.

*EverFit's RPE Scale goes up to 20, please disregard 11-20, we will use the RPE 1-10 Scale.

"How do I switch my exercise to an alternative exercise?"

-See the video for how to switch to alternate exercises below.

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