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Meet Your Coach

My name is Britani! I became a Certified Personal Trainer

in 2013 through the American Council on Exercise and my degree

in Exercise and Sports Studies from Upper Iowa University.


As a former athlete, I had my fair share of injuries! Blowing out my

MCL left me unable to play basketball and run hurdles at the same level as

before. With my injuries and A LOT of Physical Therapy, I turned something

devastating into an incredible opportunity to help others avoid injury, decrease

pain, and function better.


How did I do this? I started training and teaching group fitness classes at smaller community centers in a tiny town in Iowa, and once I was too big of a fish for that little pond, I moved to the big city in St. Louis and kept growing. I was eventually hired as the Head Personal Trainer at a Physical Therapy office for two years, where I learned my unique style, which is my signature today. Fast-forward a few more years of learning a ton and always on the go, now I have my own Fitness and Nutrition Company to expand my reach of helping others with all the fantastic knowledge I have learned.



        Nationally Certified as a Personal Trainer through my Bachelor of Science Degree in Exercise and Sports Studies from          Upper Iowa University

·       ACE Certified Personal Trainer March 2013-March 2023

·       American Red Cross CPR/AED/First Aid Certified

·       Functional Movement System Certified

·       I also have numerous Specialty Certifications

        in Nutrition, Strength Training, Mobility,

        Pre and Postnatal Exercise, and Weight Loss.


What I can help you with:


My holistic style focuses on function first and reaching your goals

once it is safe and sustainable, so we will work through your dysfunction

before we move on to more challenging movements and lifts!


·       Mobility

·       Stability

·       Pain Reduction

·       Functional Movement

·       Strength Training

·       Fitness Programming

·       Weight Loss

·       And Nutrition Coaching/ Programming


How I make fitness sustainable:

If fitness is only performed and practiced in the gym, I’ve found that it can be too easy to

fall off the wagon, hit setbacks, and struggle with discipline!


Thank you for joining me here at BodiesByBritani! Now let’s make fitness fun!

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